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Procurement Activity

Procurement Philosophy and Policy

While paying attention to the environment and local communities, we Suncall value fair, equitable transactions and trade relationships with our business partners. In procurement, we will comply with laws and regulations and keep confidentiality, taking into consideration the proposal from suppliers and taking into consideration the reduction of environmental burden.

  • 1. Fair, “Open Door” Policy (Open Procurement) Not easily swayed by big company numbers alone, we extend “fair and square” look at all potential vendors, comprehensively evaluating their technology, quality, capacity, price, and lead time.
  • 2. Reliable Business Dealings (Mutual Trust) We aim to build strong partnerships through reliable business dealings characterized by mutual trust.
  • 3. Open to Suggestions We welcome assertive inputs through VA (Value Analysis:) / VE (Value Engineering:) from our vendors.
  • 4. Obeying Laws and Maintaining Confidences We uphold relevant laws and social norms. We also keep all information acquired during business dealings confidential.
  • 5. Green Procurement Considering preservation of the global environment, it is fundamental that we engage in procurement activities that are environmentally friendly.
  • 6. Responsible procurement of resources and raw materials We shall carry out procurement activities in consideration of the effects of use of raw materials that may cause social problems in relation to human rights,environment, etc.,(example: Congo’s conflict minerals) in a community, and avoid their use if there are any concerns.

Green Procurement Guidelines

Green Procurement Efforts As a member of the global community, we at Suncall do all we can to protect the natural environment, placing an emphasis on civic virtues and a respect for humanity. While our mission is to engage in the manufacture of technology-intensive precision products, we also hold to a basic philosophy that places importance on precious natural resources and on our contribution to the global environment. This leads us to continue to develop products that take the environment into account, and at the same time, to go forward with measures to purchase green products.


Given these circumstances, our company’s intention is to steadily reduce the bad influence on the environment and avoid environmental risks by building a comprehensive environmental management system that includes all of us. We, therefore ask for your understanding and cooperation with our basic Suncall Green Procurement policy.

For companies that wish to do business with us, please thoroughly read the procurement policy and green procurement guidelines and contact us from the form below.

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