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CSR Efforts

We, at Suncall, aim to be a good neighbor as corporate citizens.

Suncall is engaged in diverse activities, both in-house and outside of the company, to fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR) based on our corporate philosophy. We will continue to promote our environmental and communal efforts on the basis of one of our fundamental principles: To be a good neighbor to the community.

Suncall is participating in the Takesumi (bamboo charcoal) Project, which contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The bamboo resource utilization project in the city of Miyazu has succeeded in mass production of charcoal materials using a steam superheater developed by Suncall. The capability to produce charcoal without burning, i.e. using high-temperature steam, enables clean production which contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. This effort has been adopted as a model case (Miyazu) for regional revitalization by Japan’s Cabinet Office.

Suncall adopts a washing facility that minimizes the diffusion of odors

In the pickling line (line that washes steel wires with acid) for washing the surface of various steel wires used in making automotive parts, electronics, and information technology components. This implementation improves the working environment.

A mutually beneficial relationship with the region

A mutually beneficial relationship with the region Relationships between businesses and the districts in which they are located are changing rapidly. Corporations are expected not just to contribute to regional development, but also to cultivate harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships with their communities. Suncall conducts its business activities as a contributing member of local society. Moreover, our environmental objectives embrace "business activities that earn the trust of the community and advance environmental conservation in the region."

Participating in cleaning/beautification activities of the community

Working with Communities on Environmental Problems At Suncall, we promote dealing with environmental problems in and around its locations. One example of this is our participation in the “Beautify Omuro and Tenjin Rivers Council,” consisting the companies and other organizations doing business along the Omuro and Tenjin rivers which flow through Kyoto Ukyo-ku’s urban and other districts. For over forty years since its constitution in 1978, the council has implemented water quality inspections and environmental “patrols” around the area. The water quality has continued to improve since these inspections were begun, and fish, ducks, and other wildlife can now be seen swimming in or spending time around the water.

Suncall volunteers at Gion Festival

SUNCALL participates in one of the major festivals in Kyoto, the Gion Festival, by providing volunteer staff every year.