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Business Outline

Materials-related Business

High-quality products are made from high-precision materials.

High-precision materials are the core of Suncall’s business

The main strength of Suncall’s business is our Materials-related Business. This department handles the material production side of our comprehensive production process, which starts with high-precision materials and ends with completed products. Our core technology, “plastic processing technology” is focused on achieving “Elongation” and “Bending” as a base. This technology is applied with die development in which wiredrawing processing is used, as well as rolling and heat-treatment technologies for the production of wire materials used in the manufacture of high precision springs mainly utilized in automotive parts.

Providing reliable quality using highly precise technology and know-how

In order to realize the high tensile strength and high durability demanded of springs, our company is engaged with steel manufacturers to design steel components with superior fatigue-resistant and settling resistant characteristics. Thanks to that, we are able to procure best materials in which adulterants are limited. The top surfaces of all procured wiring materials are removed entirely in order to eliminate from products any harmful flaws, as well as decarburized layers. Also, in consideration of the environment, our company is leading the industry in the use of patenting processing that employs a fluidized bed type heat treatment line in which no lead is used. In order to clean material surfaces, we are using automatic washing equipment that enable higher levels of performance to be achieved for wires used to make springs.

Total quality insurance through inline flaw detection

In order to achieve total quality, nondestructive testing is performed using an inline eddy current tester. By performing inline flaw detection using two types of inspections — a rotating probe method that detects continuous flaws and an encircling coil method that detects local discontinuous flaws — we are able to ensure total quality assurance.

Providing high-quality products through our deployment of a tripolar supply network

In order to achieve a smooth supply using local production for local consumption, as well as ensure business continuity even in times of disaster, the Materials-related Business has deployed a tripolar supply network made up of facilities in Japan, China and Mexico. With these, we are able to quickly deliver the high quality and flexible support provided by the domestic (Japan) branch of Suncall even overseas.