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Message from President

Developing new products by combining technologies we created

Since our establishment in 1943, we have followed a business model as “an integrated manufacturer, from raw materials to processed goods”, unrivaled in our goal of creating technology-intensive precision products. With our core precision plasticity forming technology serving as a base, we have steadily expanded our scope from automotive parts to electronic, information, and optical communication components, which we will continue to hold as important pillars of our business.
Furthermore, we will continue to create and improve, soaring to even greater heights.
As for the direction of our future business development, we plan to concentrate on safety, the environment, and medical care. In recent years, the demand for products related to the potential safeties of automated vehicle operation, or the environmental boons of electric and fuel cell vehicles, has been increasing. Because of that, several years ago we began development on new products, with some already becoming a reality. Our new project is in the field of medical care. We are now promoting the development of medical care robots in collaboration with universities and hospitals, working to establish a foothold in this exciting new field. As such, we are constantly challenging ourselves, seeing how we can adopt our original technologies to new and unknown areas. By combining the technologies we have built-up in various fields, we strive to create products never before seen, proudly offering world-class, Suncall quality. Furthermore, we create products that are enviroment-friendly, are dedicated to contributing to society, and are committed to compliance and CSR.
I humbly thank you all, and ask for your warm and continued support.

Tadao Otani, President & C.E.O.