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Quality Management

Quality Policy

To enshrine the improvement of customer satisfaction as our top priority, the following quality policy has been formulated to share the values and practice the fundamental philosophy of Suncall Corporation.

  • 1. Ensure that customer demands and social requirements, including laws and regulations, are met, and provide products that have high satisfaction potential by accurately identifying new requests.
  • 2. Establish a quality management system tailored to Suncall, and to assess the adequateness and validity thereof and continuously improve the effectiveness thereof, through a PDCA cycle and management review.
  • 3. Set and announce clear quality targets, ensure that each employee engages with the quality process, execute the plans, and continuously review the progress toward their accomplishment.

Quality Assurance System

By enshrining quality and the improvement of customer satisfaction as top priorities, Suncall pursues product making with a primary focus on quality throughout the entire process from development and design to production.

To establish a quality assurance system that enables Suncall to respond to international requirements, we act in accordance with the ISO 9000 series and IATF 16949 standards. We also formulate and implement quality improvement plans for each product series and office under the supervision of the management as part of our dedication to improving customer satisfaction.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Suncall selects the optimal processes and develops production systems to accommodate the quality in demand, as well as implements mechanisms to prevent defects by using an FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) approach during the development and design phase, to promote the manufacture of high-quality, competitive products.

Uniform Global Quality and Improvement

The quality manager at each overseas subsidiary constantly coordinates with the mother plant and shares the latest information on defect prevention to ensure continuous quality improvement.

Making Cutting-edge Products and Prevention of Accidental Shipping of Defective Products

The transition from human-based manufacturing and inspection to an automated process using the latest robots, cameras, and sensors has enabled labor saving and improved production efficiency. Suncall also promotes the prevention of accidental shipping of defective products by means of introducing an in-line inspection system.

Facilitating Production Start-up

By formulating a preliminary management plan during the production preparatory phase, Suncall ensures smooth production start-up using production facilities and a production control system that can respond to the quality demands of our customers.

Human Resource Development

Suncall supports employees in acquiring qualifications directly connected to production, such as quality management and skill certifications. According to the number of years of continuous service, Suncall offers quality-related training programs to employees based on their job responsibilities in order to hone their quality skills and knowledge.

All-inclusive Quality Control Circle Activities

Suncall has a principle of all-inclusive quality control (QC) circle activities. Circles that have won the top prize in their respective offices, including those abroad, meet in one place every year at the SQC (Suncall quality control) Grand Competition, where they compete on the results of their activities. This Competition is a learning opportunity for technical and personal exchange, where participants can absorb new knowledge and bring it back to their home offices.