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Hard Disk Drive Suspension Business

Managing global big data with extremely small technology

Proprietary technology integrated into small parts

The digital data being created in our daily life is increasing day by day and a safe big storage space is required. The product of this business is precision spring used for the hard disk drive which is the most excellent in safety and cost performance as its storage place. Our product is a small functional part with high precision that realizes positioning in units of tens of nanometers by supporting the magnetic head which reads and writes signal. We operate from suspension design to production with material technology and precision processing technology that we have cultivated over many years and production engineering used automatic control.

World’s most productive automation lines

The functions required for hard disk drive suspension are changing from passive parts that simply transmit motion to active parts that drive themselves, and they are also required to have an extremely high level of accuracy as industrial products. In this business, we design our own molds and jigs which become most important in our production and produce suspension by using our proprietary micro fabrication technology. In terms of actual production, we use our original production equipment for both domestic and overseas to achieve most productive product in the world. We also develop automated production equipment that is able to produce only good products by making decisions by themselves. Through these items, we provide our products with high levels of both precision and reliability.

Developing a new market with extremely small technology

Hard disk drive suspension is becoming a market that can not be expected as a large growth as the whole. However, using our proprietary technology cultivated there, we aim to expand our business by providing nano-level functions and by focusing on areas that will develop in the future.