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Printer-related Products Business

A revolution in inkjet printers

A pioneer in ceramic-coated rollers

Since developing a ceramic-coated printer roller in 1995, Suncall continues to be a pioneer and has achieved the global top sales position for ceramic-coated rollers for inkjet printers. The introduction of these rollers has enabled vibrant printing of photographs and, because we are able to meet a wide range of demand for sized ranging from A6 to A0, these rollers provides significant momentum for the future evolution of inkjet printers.

Our product which expanded the capabilities of printers

Our company is the only manufacturer which can supply three types of ceramic-coated shafts (solid shafts for business machines, resin-coated TUBE shafts, TUBE shafts), with the resin-coated TUBE shaft being our company’s originally developed product. Because both resin-coated TUBE shafts and TUBE shafts feature a hollow structure, their weight is approximately 1/3 that of solid rollers. This lower weight means that less load is exerted (during drop testing of the finished product), enabling shaft supports to also be made smaller and at a lower cost. This results in reduced packaging material, which benefits the customer in the form of decreased shipping costs.

Large potential that can be used for other industries

The technology that enables the creation of such long-length, lightweight and highly-precise shafts can also be used for applications other than rollers, including for carriage guide shafts and motor shafts, as well as colorful resin-coated umbrella shafts or shade rolling shafts. Automobile applications, such as headrest shafts, are also possible. Our supply network includes manufacturing bases in Thailand, China and Vietnam, and we have various contingency measures in place. Also, the developers of this product are stationed at our domestic (Japan) development base, enabling us to maintain a network that is always ready to quickly develop rollers for any new applications that may be desired.