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Business Outline

Automotive-related Business

No compromise — Creating products for the vehicles to which we entrust our lives

Product development aimed at endless improvement

This is a business in which particularly special attention to safety is necessary. The strengths of our company’s comprehensive production methods, which span from functional materials to machining, are being utilized for parts that make up the main components of automobiles, including engines, transmissions, and safety equipment. We are undertaking materials and product development to achieve improvements in environmental friendliness, fuel consumption and, of course, safety. Also, so that we may provide customers with parts featuring higher levels of durability, smaller sizes, and lower weights, we are constantly striving to achieve product creation with higher levels of precision and quality through our strict quality assurance system.

Providing products with new possibilities — For a new generation of automobiles

In recent years, technical development has been underway in response to the sudden increase of environmentally-friendly vehicles (HEV, EV, FCV, etc.). For example, utilizing our company’s core technologies, optimized process designs have been implemented that enable space-saving measures through loss reductions and increased space factors to be achieved by applying forming processing to shaped materials made of copper and aluminum materials in combination with press assembly methods. Furthermore, insulation is added to finished products using post-processing, and composite technologies have been used which combine a shunt resistor to enable products to be provided to customers that enhance the freedom of their designs. Representative products include reactor-related products, bus bars, and shunt-on bus bars, as well as motor- and battery-related products, all designed to meet the needs of our customers.

An overseas network to respond to globalization and disaster risks

The globalization of product manufacturing is expanding rapidly. In response to this, Suncall has constructed a supply network based in North America, China, and ASEAN nations that can provide main shaft springs, ring gears/drive plates, and seat belt-related products. So that business continuity can be achieved even in times of disaster, Suncall is moving forwards with its “Business Continuity Planning” and is making efforts to create a supply network that can quickly respond to supply needs from our overseas bases.