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Communications-related Business

Connecting the lifelines we call “networks”

Precision processing technology that supports information infrastructure

The Internet continues to evolve at a non-stop pace. The continued construction and expansion of the world’s information and communication networks is requiring that the copper wire cable used until now to connect the communication networks be replaced with optical fiber cable. At the ends of these optical fiber cables are optical connectors and adapters necessary for connecting specialized communications equipment. Optical connectors require a level of precision where even micron-level deviations are unacceptable. It is in such applications that Suncall’s technology is being utilized — technology that none of our competitors can provide.

Production and supply networks that span the globe

Suncall’s communications-related business has consistently developed, manufactured, and supplied optical connectors for information and communications applications since our license for SC connectors was obtained in 1995. We provide high-quality and competitive products not only for the Japanese market, but also those in North America, Asia, and Europe. In 1998, we obtained a license for LC connectors. In 2000, we set up Suncall America, Inc. to serve as a sales base for the North American and European markets. In 2002, Suncall Co., (H.K.) LTD. started product sales to our customers in Asian markets. To enhance our price competitiveness in free markets, production was moved in 2006 to Suncall Technologies (SZ) Co., LTD., in Shenzhen, China, where it continues to this day.

Providing enhanced added-value in an ever-expanding market

Growth of the Internet has seen its expansion into applications such as SNS, shopping, remote medicine, and remote education. Many people around the globe are using mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, for education, communication, data gathering and entertainment. With optical fiber, applications such as transportation, industrial robots, broadcasting, medicine, and the energy industry have also become possible. Suncall is dedicated to responding to any new needs that may arise from these various rapidly expanding markets, and aims to provide contributions to the world by developing, manufacturing and supplying high quality products with added-value.