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Cookies Policy

1 What are Cookies

We use cookies to ensure the user-friendliness of our website (hereinafter referred to as "our website") and to maintain and improve the quality of our services. Cookies are the files formed and stored on your device when you access a website and contain information sent and received between your browser and a web server. Cookies are provided either by us or by third parties who provide services to us. Cookies allow sites to remember things like your login status, language and other display preferences so that you do not have to re-enter the same information as you move from page to page. In addition, being stored in your web browser, cookies enable you to revisit our website quickly and enhance your accessibility.

2 Purpose of our use of cookies

  1. (1) When a customer visits our Web site, different ID information is assigned to each browser used by the customer. This assigned ID is stored in a place called "cookie" used by the customer.
  2. (2) When a customer visits the Company's website, the ID assigned to the customer and the URL information of the Company's website visited by the customer are transmitted to BowNow operated by CrowdCircus, Inc. and Google Analytics operated by Google, Inc.
  3. (3) The above (2) will be performed each time a customer moves from one page to another on the Company's website.
  4. (4) The information transmitted in (2) and (3) above will be aggregated on BowNow and Google Analytics, and we will be able to use this aggregated data to understand your behavior. For the avoidance of doubt, the behaviors we will be able to understand are as follows:

3 Types of cookies we use

The followings are the types of cookies we use when you access our website from your devices, such as a personal computer or smartphone.
We collect information on usage trends of individuals by using cookies under paragraph (3) below. The collected information is used for the development of our products, sales promotion and for verifying the effectiveness of our product appeals, in addition to statistics and analysis in operating our website.
The information acquired by cookies does not contain any information that can identify individuals.

(1) Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential to run our website correctly and allow you to operate and use the functions of our website. The necessary cookies used on our website are as follows:

(2) Functional cookies

These cookies record login information etc. (selected language, region, etc.) on the site in order to provide services to customers on our website. They enable us to provide functions based on your login information at your subsequent visits. The functional cookies used on our website are as follows:

(3) Performance cookies

We use these cookies to improve the usability of our website and to display and send advertisements that match the interests of our customers by measuring and analysing the number of visitors to our website and how visitors navigate our website, etc.

The performance cookies used on our website are as follows:

For more information on Google Analytics and Bow Now on how to refuse these cookies, please check the following.

4 How to Opt-out

In addition to the Opt-out page of each of the above tool providers you can change the cookie settings by allowing or disabling cookies on the browser of each device used by you. You can also delete cookies from your device via the browser. For detailed instructions, please refer to the Help menu of your browser.

5 Revision of Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to modify the cookie policy at any time without notice. Any changes to the cookie policy will be effective upon posting the revised content on our website.