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Basic Policy on Information Security

We regard the protection of information as an integral part of our business activities. We will endeavor to handle, manage, protect, and maintain information assets appropriately in accordance with the following policy in order to protect information assets from threats such as accidents, disasters, and crimes so that we may reciprocate the confidence of our customers and society.

1. Upgrading and Improvement of Security

The Suncall Group will make systematic and continuous efforts to upgrade and improve information security.

2. Establishment of Systems

The Suncall Group will establish an organization to maintain and upgrade information security, and will stipulate information security measures as the official rules of the Suncall Group.

3. Action on Information Security Measures

We will establish a Suncall Group Policy on Information Security and share a consistent awareness of information security within the Group, and execute necessary measures on a Group-wide basis.

4. Compliance with Statutory and Contractual Requirements

The Suncall Group will comply with all laws and ordinances, regulations, rules, and contractual obligations relevant to information security.

5. Response to Violations and Adverse Events

The Suncall Group will take appropriate action in the event of any violation of laws and ordinances, breaches of contract, or adverse events related to information security, and will strive to prevent recurrence of any such incidents.

Date Established: 17 March, 2023