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Suncall has gone ahead with its business activitieson the basis of its corporate philosophy from the company’s foundation to the present day, and will continue to do so in future.

Corporate Philosophy

We at Suncall define our business theme as
“The Creation of Technology-intensive Precision Products.”
To society, we feel it is our raison d’etre to
“Offer Wisdom and Quality Inside the Products We Create,”
and we make efforts to
“Become a Company with a Strong Corporate Culture, Internationality, and Advanced Technology That Makes a Lasting Impression on People’s Hearts.”
Our corporate principle is to strive toward
“Preference for Public Morality, Respect for Humanity, Balanced Management, Cosmopolitan Outlook, and To Always Be One Step Ahead of the Market.”
Our action agenda inspires us to:
“Esteem Challenging Minds, Pay Careful Attention, Be Sensitive, Be Fair, Strive Toward Possessing a Wider Vision, Be Creative, Follow the Rules, and Foster Good Teamwork.”
We promise the people who get involved with us
“Higher Performance Leading to Mutual Profits.”
On that basis, we promise
“Suitable Prices, Suitable Quality, and Suitable Opportunities” to customers;
“Fair and Open-door Policy, and Consistent Transactions” to suppliers;
“To Perform Fair Capability Evaluations and Become a Company in which Everyone Can Take Pride” to employees;
“Steady Management and Consecutive Dividends” to stockholders; and
“To Become a Good Neighbor” to the community.

Our Management Philosophy

Technology Taking Flight to Create Change

Our management philosophy at Suncall is “Technology taking flight to create change,” and the company is forging ahead dramatically on this basis. Suncall would not exist if it were not for the company’s unique technologies, and by putting these to use, rather than following in the wake of change, we are taking the lead in transforming the world.