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Suncall Group Human Rights Policy

The Board of Directors here at Suncall approved the “Suncall Group Human Rights Policy” at its meeting held on April 21, 2023. Given the increasingly broad range of human rights issues faced by the international community, we intend to redouble our efforts to comply with international norms.In addition, we have determined the key issues related to human rights for the Group.

The Suncall Group Human Rights Policy

1. Basic Policies

“Human rights” refers to the fundamental rights granted to all people.
The Suncall Group (hereinafter referred to as “the Group”) understands that corporate activities have an impact on human rights, and by respecting the human rights of all stakeholders, including employees, the Group will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society in which human rights are valued.
The Group has adopted “Respect for human rights” as a corporate guideline in its basic principles.
As we advance initiatives for sustainability in accordance with the “Suncall Group Basic Policy for Sustainability Promotion,” we have established this “Suncall Group Human Rights Policy” in order to clarify the Group's stance and initiatives with regard to human rights.

2. Rights Holders (Principals Whose Human Rights the Group Must Respect)

We believe that we must of course respect the human rights of all employees involved in our business activities, regardless of their employment status, but we must also respect the human rights of all people involved in our business activities, including employees of our business partners, customers, consumers, and residents of the communities in which our places of business are located.

3. Ways in Which the Group May Negatively Impact Human Rights

We believe that it is necessary to address not only human rights violations that the Group directly causes, but also those whose adverse impact it indirectly abets or those in which it is implicated (i.e., those linked to its business, products, or services).
We will strive to manage and appropriately address not only human rights violations within the Group, but also risks involving human rights throughout the entire supply chain, from procurement, through the sale of products and provision of services, to disposal and recycling.

4. Risks Involving Human Rights

We believe that the risk of rights holders being negatively impacted by the Group's business activities (including activities in the supply chain) may also be a risk related to the Group's management.

5. Supporting and Respecting International Codes of Conduct on Human Rights*1

Risks associated with human rights are extraordinarily wide-ranging. However, we will take a holistic view of risks to human rights in conformance with international norms on such rights, and establish a comprehensive action system to properly understand and identify risks, prevent and mitigate them, and take corrective and remedial measures in the event of actual human rights violations. We will also keep abreast of the latest debates on business and human rights in Japan and abroad, and take action in response to changes in the social environment and the diversification of human rights risks.

*1. “International norms on human rights” refers to the International Bill of Human Rights (Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenants on Human Rights and on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights), the International Labour Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, etc.
Specific measures we will undertake include human rights due diligence and remedial measures.

6. Human Rights Due Diligence

We will investigate and evaluate how human rights are impacted, implement a PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, and Act) cycle in which measures are taken to prevent, mitigate, etc. such impacts, and disclose the status of these measures both internally and externally.

7. Remedial Measures

We will establish and administer processes that enable redress for negative human rights impacts caused or abetted by the Group.

8. Creation of Positive Human Rights Impacts

The Group will strive to use its own capabilities and resources to involve itself in creating positive human rights impacts, such as promoting D&I within the company and promoting work style reforms.

Key Human Rights Issues for the Group

  1. 1.Elimination of discrimination and harassment
  2. 2.Appropriate management of work time
  3. 3.Safety-conscious working environment
  4. 4.Prohibition of child labor and forced labor
  5. 5.Protection of privacy

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