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CSR Policy

To continue building the good relations with the society

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

♢ Action with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in mind
SUNCALL group's executive officers and employees shall always conduct responsible actions with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in mind as a member of society.

Fair trade and ethics

♢ Observance of laws and regulations, and social norms
We shall value and stand up for and follow the spirit of laws and regulations, and also observe social norms.
♢ Earning trust from customers and suppliers
We shall earn trust from customers and suppliers with a sincere response.
♢ Handling anti-social forces
We shall not knowingly enter into business relationships of any kind with formal or informal organizations that threaten social order or safety.

Information management

♢ Management of information and prevention of leakage
We shall not improperly acquire or use trade secrets and other confidential information owned by third parties, such as customers and business partners. Also, we shall appropriately manage information, if duly obtained through business activities, such as product manufacturing and distribution, to prevent its leakage.
♢ Personal information protection
We shall obtain personal information related to employees, customers, business partners, etc., in a legitimate manner, and also strictly manage and protect such information.
♢ Prohibition against insider trading
We shall not conduct insider trading. Also, we shall not leak insider information to customers, business partners, family members, relatives, acquaintances, friends, etc.
♢ Protection of intellectual property
We shall protect our intellectual property, and appropriately manage it to prevent its unauthorized use or infringement, while valuing and standing up for others’ intellectual property.

Environmental conservation

We shall promote environmental management in order to contribute to simultaneous pursuit of an affluent society and environmental conservation through business activities.

Safety and health

We shall promote creation of a work environment in which we can conduct our work with confidence and peace of mind to prevent occurrence of accidents and health problems during work.


We shall focus on quality and respond to meet customer expectations.


We shall plan, research and develop, and manufacture and distribute safe products, understanding social demands and customer needs accurately with conservation of the global environment in mind.


♢ Respect for human rights
We shall respect the human rights of each individual, and treat him or her with dignity.
♢ Environment creation toward self-fulfillment of employees
We shall strive to provide professional development opportunities for our employees to improve the skills and knowledge necessary to our business. Our goal is to create a pleasant, safe, comfortable and productive working environment.
♢ Coexistence with the community
We shall place importance on awareness of being a member of the community, and initiate and preserve an attitude of progressing together.
♢ Promotion of communication with society
We shall make efforts to deeply listen to social voices through open and fair communication, and reflect these voices in our business activities.