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Website Terms of Use


This website (, hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) is managed and operated by Suncall Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”). When using this Site, you must comply with the conditions described herein.
By using this Site, you agree to all of the following Terms of Use. Additionally, the websites of subsidiaries and affiliates of Suncall may have Terms of Use that are different from the Terms of Use for this Site, and in those cases you must comply with the Terms of Use for those sites.

■Prohibited Items

When using this Site, the following acts by users are prohibited.

  • 1. Any act that infringes upon or may infringe upon the property or privacy of the Company or a third party.
  • 2. Any acts of slander, abuse, or intimidation toward the Company or a third party, as well as any dishonorable or untrustworthy acts.
  • 3. Any acts that are or may be contrary to public order and morals.
  • 4. Any acts or potential acts of using or disseminating harmful programs, such as computer viruses. Any acts that violate laws and regulations.
  • 5. Any acts disclosing trade secrets or personal information, registering the information of others, or making false declarations or notifications.

■Trademarks and Copyrights

This Site and all of the information contained within are protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights held or controlled by the Company. By using this Site, you agree to observe copyright, trademark, and all other laws and regulations. With the exception of individual private use or as permitted by other copyrights and other laws and regulations, it is against the law to copy, send, distribute, modify, transfer, translate, etc., this Site or the content contained within without the prior permission of the copyright holder in accordance with laws and regulations.
Additionally, providing copyrighted material through this Site does not transfer patent rights, design rights or other intellectual property rights regarding inventions, designs, etc. included in the copyrighted work, nor give permissions under intellectual property rights. The Company provides copyrighted material in its current state, and does not guarantee any of the content found in the copyrighted work.
The information on products, technology, etc., provided to users via this Site, is protected by copyright law, industrial property rights law, and other laws and regulations.


The Company pays careful attention to content and functions, etc., when posting information on this Site. However, this does not represent a guarantee as to whether the content is accurate, up to date, or safe, as described below.

  • 1. Posted information are entirely correct, entirely safe, and entirely useful.
  • 2. Posted information are suitable and functional for a specific purpose.
  • 3. Posted information are always kept up to date.
  • 4. In terms of safety, there are no harmful items such as computer viruses.
  • 5. Any and all damage experienced by users as a result of the Company’s Terms of Use or changes to, deletion, unpublishing, cancellation, or suspension of the information on this Site.
  • 6. Any and all matters regarding websites accessed by customers via links.

■Business Performance Information, etc.

Although the Company may provide information regarding future business performance, etc., for the convenience of investors and others, this information is only a forecast made at the time of Company disclosure and is subject to change depending on the circumstances. Based on the above, the Company requests that individuals refrain from relying solely on this disclosed information. Additionally, the Company requests that individuals recognize that the Company is under no obligation to revise this information. When trading stocks, including those of the Company, please comply with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, as well as any other laws and regulations.


Regarding inquiries sent to the Company from users, please refrain from sending trade secrets of users and third parties, new products, plans for new products, and proposals, materials, ideas, etc., of other businesses by way of this Site unless specifically requested.
In the case that an offer, etc., is presented to the Company from a user without the Company having specifically expressed its intentions to maintain secrecy, the Company will not be held responsible for the following obligations and responsibilities.

  • 1. Any obligation to keep the sent proposal a secret
  • 2. Any obligation to consider, evaluate, or adopt a sent proposal
  • 3. Any responsibility to compensate the provider of a proposal to the Company if the Company adopts the same or a similar plan, whether in full or in part, to the sent proposal


If you wish to post a link on this Site, please message the Company via the inquiries page and obtain consent before doing so.
There may be cases where a link to a third party site is posted on this Site, or vice versa. In either of these cases, the content of the third party site is managed and operated under the responsibility of the third party, and the Company cannot assume any responsibility for potential inconveniences or damages caused by using a third party site.


An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is used on the inquiries page to ensure the security of personal information.

■Access Logs

Access logs for every user on this Site, including IP addresses, are logged and stored. These access logs are used for no purposes other than statistical analysis, including access trends and numbers.

■Applicable Laws

Japanese law applies to the Terms of Use and this Site. Any disputes regarding the Terms of Use or this Site shall be resolved by a court with exclusive jurisdiction upon Osaka District Court.