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Information on BowNow

We use "BowNow", a MA (marketing automation) software (hereinafter referred to as "the Software") provided by Cloud CIRCUS, Inc. to monitor how our website is used.

BowNow is a software application that allows us to collect information about your online activities using the functionality of the Software when you visit a webpage (tracking page) on one of our websites with the tracking codes (codes placed on the website or within the web application linked to the Software so that we can obtain information about customers who visit our website or use the web applications, and analyse access to this website).

The information about customers' online activities does not include information that identifies specific individuals, such as first names, last names and email addresses. However, the information about your online activities we collect may identify you personally when combined with your name and other lead information on the Software.

We will use the information collected by BowNow to analyse how you interact with our website and to display or send you advertisements that match your interests.

For the Terms of Use and Opt-Out for BowNow, Privacy Policy and Information Security Basic Policy of Cloud CIRCUS, Inc., please refer to each of the following URLs.