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Technical Development/Technology

Creating parts that move the world.

Most of the products created by Suncall can fit into the palm of your hand.
Despite their small size, these parts help keep society and the world running smoothly.
These parts contain many of the technologies that we have worked to perfect.

Core Technologies

Precision plastic processing technology— the momentum behind Suncall’s creativity

Since the time of Suncall’s creation, we have focused on plastic processing technologies for metals and are always seeking new ways to enhance its possibilities. Plastic processing refers to a method of applying force to materials such as metals to enable them to be shaped as desired. Compared to other processing methods, this method boasts superior energy- and resource-saving characteristics and is undoubtedly the technology of the future. At Suncall, the design of shaped dies, as well as the development of ultra-precision die technology, are based on this technology, which has enabled the development of precision shaped wiring that allows the creation of complex shaped cross-sections. This technology has received global praise, especially for its use in automotive parts, and its precision will continue to be enhanced in the future so that its use may be expanded into other businesses.

Other technologies

Creating new lines of business through the fusion of technologies

In order to expand the range of Suncall’s core technologies, we are actively pursuing the fusion of new technologies. These include, for example, fusions between assembly technologies, such as those for plate springs created using ultra-precise dies and fine laser welding, with cleanroom environments, etc., that enable the creation of new HDD suspension business opportunities. Also, the fusing of fine ceramic coating technology with low-warpage metal shafts has yielded a revolution in printer paper-feed rollers. In the future, we plan to introduce new measurement and analysis technologies which will be fused with our existing technologies to enable our expansion into new fields.