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Technical Development/R&D

Anticipating the future, expanding into unknown territories <R&D>

Changes in society create new challenges. Suncall, which provides solutions through technology, welcomes these challenges and looks forward to its expansion into these unknown territories.

Medical care

Supporting healthy lives through technology

Japan is a country that faces an aging society unlike any the world has ever seen. Due to this, the desires to preserve lifelong health are only expected to increase. With this in mind, Suncall is now taking part in joint development with universities to create a rehabilitation robot that assists patients following artificial knee joint replacement surgery, as well as a rehabilitation robot named “Ortho-bot” that assists patients who have suffered from cerebral strokes. Suncall is taking its first steps towards plans for these technologies to be introduced into the medical and care fields.

Advanced “bamboo charcoal” materials

Bamboo charcoal — A revolutionary method of dealing with bamboo tree proliferation

Bamboo charcoal, normally non-uniform in quality due to being produced manually and unstable in terms of production quantity, is now able to be produced in a stable manner that ensures uniform quality levels. Because high-temperature steam is used for its production, only low levels of CO2 are emitted, and carbonization can be completed in approximately 40 minutes. Materials are supplied from neglected bamboo forests in Miyazu City in Kyoto Prefecture, a place in which bamboo tree proliferation has been a problem, and their removal has contributed to the preservation of local forests. Converting bamboo charcoal into activated charcoal enables its use as a deodorant and developments are underway for it’s use in applications such as in capacitors.