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SCR Sensor

Digital sensor with coulomb counter method
Supporting highly accurate prediction of battery level by integrating current measurements

SCR Sensor

Product features

  • Highly accurate prediction of battery level
  • Bi-directional current detection (charging / discharging)
  • High speed current detection 50 μSec
  • Equipped with self-diagnosis function
  • Supports for custom design for size and shape

Size drawing


* 1 size can be custom designed

Sample photo

Sample photo

Technical data

Shunt resistance value50μΩ
Current detection range±800A
Measurement accuracy±0.5%
Offset errorLess than 25mA
Linearity error±0.5%
Input power supply+12V±1V, +5V±0.25V
Insulation voltage2,500V
ADC for temperature measurement
Number of channels2ch
Data rate860SPS(max)
CAN Interface
Data speed500kbbs
Response speed10ms
CPUAutomotive 8bit MCU, CAN interface
Communication methodCAN/SPI/IO
Current consumption30mA
Operating temperature range -40℃ ~ +125℃
Communication connector1565749-1 (TE-connective)
Board size50mm × 50mm