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For wiring inside and between electrical devices


Suncall's busbar is a large-current power distribution component that supports complex power distribution demand taking best advantage of our core technology "precision plastic working technology"
Can be individually designed according to the customer's unit
Playing active role in compactness of electric and hybrid veicles.

Insulation coating by powder coating supports complicated shapes. Forming using precision plastic working technology minimizes swelling and thinning. Achieves uniform bending in the edgewise direction.

Product features

  • Mold-free process significantly reduces mold cost / design cost and material loss
  • Easy to produce and change design, and supports high-mix low-volume production
  • Space saving and reduction of installation man-hours, enables deployment to adjacent terminals
  • In addition to copper, aluminum material can be used to reduce weight.


Automotive / industrial equipment motors, inverters,
Battery etc.
Wiring between units and within units

Main product variations

Forming busbar

Since no mold is required, production costs and material loss are greatly reduced.

Product image

Pressed busbar

High-precision dimensional accuracy design for inverter applications is possible

Product image

Aluminum busbar

It is possible to propose various treatments at a lighter weight and lower cost than copper.

Product image

Bi-metalic busbar

Copper and aluminum bonding for light weigh

Product image

Long busbar

Equivalent to a deployment length of 1,000 mm

Product image

Flexible busbar

■Laminate type E.g: t0.1mm x 40layers
■Braid type E.g: φ0.1mm copper wire
Design constraints and thermal compression effects are minimized.



ItemOptions & Maximum value
Sizethickness 3.5 mm, total length up to 1,000 mm (mass production results)
MaterialCopper / Aluminum
Twistshape(accuracy requires individual adjustment)
Compositeshape by welding and insulating coating
Paintinginsulation coating (powder coating)