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Optimised contact helps you improve the productivity and durability


Suncall's probe solution will produce optimal results with wide variation of design and of material making best matching for the each counterpart.
It enables you high reliable contact as well as remarkebly improved productivity with reduced maintanance frequency.

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Product features

  • Most effective design offer according to testing requirement.
  • Customization of standard parts answering your request
  • Improved durability, non-adjusted ratio, and productivity by means of optimazation
  • Also offers assemble products such as unitizing, wiring work.


Semiconductors, electronic devices, batteries,
Continuity inspection of in-vehicle harnesses, etc.
Connection parts for electrical performance inspection

Product usage example

  • Semiconductor inspection
    • Spring test probe
    • Interface ring
  • In-vehicle board inspection
    • Probe holder
    • Cable ASS’Y
  • Battery inspection
    • Coaxial probe
    • Uniaxial probe
    • High current probe
  • In-vehicle wire harness inspection
    • Lance detection probe
    • Switch pin
Product image
Product image
Product image