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Analog shunt sensor capable of measuring large currents up to ± 2,000A
Has been adopted in Japanese automotive company


Product features

  • Current measurement capacity up to ± 2,000A
  • Low current (≦ 20A) to large current (≧ 400A)
    Measuring ability with an error of ± 1% or less
  • Custom design for size and shape



* 1 size can be custom designed

Sample photo

Sample photo

Technical data

Shunt resistance value100μΩ / 20μΩ
Current detection range±400A / ±2,000A
Measurement accuracy±1%
Offset error2A≧
Output gain5mV/A / 1mV/A
Output value+2.5V±10mV
Insulation voltage2,500V
Input power supply+5V±0.25V
Current consumption30mA
Operating temperature rangeー40℃~+125℃

Reliability test

ItemTest conditions
Rapid change of temperature−30℃ (30min), +80℃ (30min), 1,000cycles
without load, connectors are jointed
Heat cycle testー30℃ (9h), +85℃ (9h), 48cycles with load
Vibration testMIL-STD 202 Methode 204
10 〜 2,000Hz in 20 min, 3 directions, 12cycles/each axis