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Magnetic Sensor

High current detection and low power loss
Magnetic current sensor module

Magnetic Sensor

Product features

  • Measurement accuracy ±1% (F.S)
  • Excellent accuracy and the low loss.
  • Ultra-low noise: 0.27mVpp
  • Low current products line up ±300A, ±400A, ±500A (F.S)
  • Low current Consumption 6mA
  • Ultra-low magnetic residual error: 2mV
  • Built-in with offset and gain calibration functions.
  • Customized design busbar geometrics possible.

Product application

  • BMS for Automotive
  • Junction box, PDU etc.
  • Fast-charging infrastructure
  • Inverter



Connection example


Technical data

Current detection rangeRelated current ±400A (Peak current ±800A<30sec)
Measurement accuracy±1%(F.S)
Max current±1,600A<1sec
Insulation voltage3,000V(AC)
Response speed<4μs(di/dt 100A/μs)
Output value+2.5V±2V @1,000A(offset error ±3mV)
Current consumption6mA
Input power supply+5V±0.25V
Operating temperature rangeー40℃ ~ +125℃
ConnectorMolex connector 5P(Gold plate)
Guaranteed qualityAEC-Q100

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Reference idea


Improvement of functional safety through dual sensing as a proposal