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Mar 31, 2018

Company Name
14,Umezunishiura-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 615-8555, JapanMAP
June 1943
Common Stock
4,808 million yen
Share listing
Tokyo Securities Exchange, First Section
Settling Day
March, 31
Number of Employees
Unconsolidated: 568 (Consolidated: 2,394)
Line of Business
Manufacture and distribution of automotive parts and materials, Hard disk-related parts, Printer-related products, Communications-related products
Offices in Japan
Kyoto (Headquarters), Aichi, Kanagawa, Tochigi, Nagano, Shizuoka, Hiroshima, Yamanashi, Kumamoto
Offices abroad
U.S., Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand


Jun.1943Established the company under the name of SANKO SENZAI KOGYO CO., LTD. in Kyoto for the purpose of manufacturing high-grade steel materials for aircraft engine valve springs. (Capital: 1,700,000 JPY)

Jul.1945Merged with Nissen Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Capital: 750,000 JPY).

Jun.1952Started the delivery of valve springs for automobile engines to Toyota Motor Corporation and several other manufacturers.

Jun.1953Succeeded in the commercial production of bead wires for automobiles.

Oct.1964Listed on the second sections of Osaka Stock Exchange and Kyoto Stock Exchange.

Oct.1967Established TOYOTA Plant to boost spring production.

Dec.1972Established SUNCALL SENDAI CORPORATION in Sendai, Miyagi.

Feb.1974Established subsidiary company, SUNCALL KIKUCHI CORP.

Feb.1981Established subsidiary company, SUNCALL ENGINEERING CORP.

Mar.1984Started the production of probes for electronic circuit inspection equipment upon capital investment.

Dec.1985Started the production of suspensions for hard disk drives upon capital investment.

May.1989Established subsidiary company, SANKO PETERSON CORP. as joint company in U.S.A.

Jun.1989Established joint company SANKO PETERSON CORP. in the U.S.

Nov.1989Constructed Hirose Plant in Toyota, Aichi.

Jan.1990Purchased SWISS-TORONICS, INC. (Massachusetts, U.S.) as a subsidiary of SUNCALL SANKO CORP.

Apr.1991Changed the company name to SUNCALL CORP.

Apr.1992Established subsidiary company, SUNCALL CO., (H.K.) LTD. in Hong Kong.

Nov.1992Established subsidiary company, HIROSE TECHNOLOGY CORP.

Mar.1994Established BUJI MAN LING factory of SUNCALL CO., (H.K.) LTD. in Shenzhen, China.

Jan.1995Established the subsidiary MICROWIRE, INC. in Ibo, Hyogo.

Mar.1995Acquired the ISO 9001/9002 certification at head office plant.
・ISO 9001:HP suspensions, valve springs, and clutch springs materials
・ISO 9002:Valve springs and clutch springs

Oct.1997Closed SUNCALL SENDAI CORPORATION and merged the business to SUNCALL-KC CORPORATION.

Oct.1997Established subsidiary company, PT. SUNCALL INDONESIA. in Indonesia.

Aug.1999Acquired the ISO 14001 certification at head office plant.

Aug.1999Sold SWISS-TORONICS, INC., SUNCALL SANKO CORP.’s subsidiary.

Jan.2000Established subsidiary company, SUNCALL AMERICA INC.

Nov.2000Established subsidiary company, SUNCALL HIGH PRECISION LTD. in Chonburi Province, Thailand.

Jan.2001Liquidated SUNCALL SANKO CORP., a wholly owned subsidiary in the U.S. in South Carolina, U.S.A.

Dec.2001Listed on the first section of Osaka Stock Exchange.

Aug.2002Liquidated MICROWIRE, INC.

Jan.2004Succeeded in the development and commercial production of 10-gigabit optical transceivers.

Jan.2004Made SANKO PETERSON CORP., a U.S. corporation for which SUNCALL owns 57% of the shares, a wholly owned subsidiary;
Merged SANKO PETERSON CORP. to U.S. subsidiary SUNCALL AMERICA INC. (consolidated overseas subsidiary).

May.2004Constructed Nano Tech Center on the Kyoto head office premise.

Nov.2004Established subsidiary company, SUNCALL TECHNOLOGY VIETNAM CO., LTD. in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Mar.2006Established subsidiary company, SUNCALL(Guangzhou)CO.,LTD. in Guangzhou, China.


May.2011Established Suncall Technologies (SZ) Co., Ltd. as subsidiary of SUNCALL CO., (H.K.) LTD. in Shenzhen, China.

Dec.2012Participated in KOBELCO SPRING WIRE (FOSHAN) CO., LTD. with Kobe Steel in Foshan, China.

Jul.2013With a merger of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange, listed on first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Aug.2013Established subsidiary company, Suncall (Guangzhou) Trading Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, China.

Sep.2013Established subsidiary company, SUNCALL TECHNOLOGIES MEXICO, S. A. DE C. V. in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Nov.2013Established joint venture company, K & S WIRE CO., LTD. in Yangsan, Korea.

Jun.2014Established subsidiary company, Suncall (Tiajin) Co.,Ltd. in Tianjin, China.

Oct.2014Established subsidiary company, HS POWERSPRING MEXICO,S.A de C.V. in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Jan.2017Established sales office, SUNCALL AMERICA INC. Dallas Office in Texas, U.S.A.


Jun 22, 2018


Chihiro Yamanushi
President & CEO
Tadao Otani
Managing Director
Yoshihisa Nishimuro
Shojiro Wakabayashi
Yuji Isono
Masatoshi Kanada(*)
Shuji Kitayama(*)
Kazuya Kuramoto(*)
Hiromi Hirayama(*)
*Indicates an outside director as provided in Paragraph 2, Clause 15 of the Corporate Law

Executive Officers

Managing Executive Officer
Kazutoshi Sugimura
Managing Executive Officer
Koji Tsutsumi
Executive Officer
Hiromichi Oga
Executive Officer
Hiroya Kobayawaka
Executive Officer
Tadashi Nara
Executive Officer
Masato Kaiso
Executive Officer
Hideo Tokuoka

Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Yoshiki Yamashiro(**)
Hiroshi Oda
Yasushi Yoshioka(**)
**Indicates an outside audit as provided in Paragraph 2, Clause 16 of the Corporate Law