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SMR Sensor

Non-contact ultra-compact current sensor
No heat generation due to power loss & Space saving of mounting area

SMR Sensor


Product features

  • Ultra-small and ultra-lightweight
  • Low power consumption (5mA@5.0V, * T.B.D)
  • Fast response (step response: 1μsec)
  • Analog method enables real time out-put of sense value.

Product application

  • Inverter (three-phase alternating current) measurement.
  • Battery charging / discharging control, etc.

Technical data

Current detection range±1,000A
Measurement accuracy±2%
Offset error±2mV
Insulation voltage3000V(AC) / 4000V(DC)
Response speed<1μsec
Output value+2.5V±2V @1000A(offset error ±16mV)
Current consumption5mA
Input power supply+5V±0.2V (ratiometric output)
Operating temperature range-40℃ ~ +125℃
Board sizeL30mm × W20mm
ConnectorMolex power connector 3P
Guaranteed qualityAEC-Q100

Sample photo

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